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Commercial and Consumer
Debt Collection Services

We can make a difference in your profitability
  • With Experience: Over 28 years in the commercial and consumer debt collection industry.
  • With flexibility: Not a ‘cookie cutter’ one method approach, but a full array of services to custom tailor a cost effective recovery program to fit your individual needs and time frame.
  • With a plan of action: To be a constant winner with a cash flow strategy, a company must have a specific policy for management of the accounts receivable from day one, and right on through to the point that a delinquency occurs. We can help you design and implement that strategy.
Time Tested Methods Produce Exceptional Results
  • Cost effective written communication programs that can recover over 50% of your commercial or consumer debt for a flat fee of less than $10.00 per account.
  • Contingency fee based personal communication with professional expertise and the know how that comes with years of experience. No Collection, No Fee.
  • Legal services by Commercial Law League attorneys for cases where there is no alternative but litigation.
  • Extensive skip tracing; a valuable tool in a transient customer base.
  • Credit bureau reporting.
  • Detailed monthly status reports to keep you fully informed.
  • Personalized service that distinguishes us from the pack.

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