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Beware Payday Check Cashing debt scam!

Beware of a group attempting to collect on old Payday Check Cashing debts and fraudulently presenting themselves as representing this company. These people have very strong Indian or mid-Eastern accents and are extremely verbally abusive and threatening.

According to Florida authorities, they apparently hacked into some company’s data-base and are attempting to collect on these old debts

Do not give them any banking or credit card information or send any money by any means.

Do not engage in conversation with them.

Please report any incidents immediately to the Florida State Attorney General’s Office or 1.866.966.7226

It is very important that you report the incident so that the Florida State Attorney General’s Office receives enough information to stop this scam.

Cash Flow Management Group, Inc. does not represent ANY check cashing stores. Also, you will note the contact information they give does not match any information on our website.

They have stolen/copied our logo and are using our company name in this scam.

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