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No Recovery,
No Fee!


That’s right… Flat Fee – No %!

Average fee is $7.00 per account regardless of the balance or location of the debtor.

Incredibly cost effective for high volume, small balance receivables.

Specifically designed for earlier aged delinquent receivables (45-120 days).

Custom Collection letters professionally written on letterhead stationary, mailed from our collection agency have proven to quickly delineate ‘slow payers’ from the real ‘problem accounts’.

4 letters over a 60 day period, beginning very diplomatically and ending with a final letter that sets up the account to go to the intensive commercial or consumer collection division (i.e.–live collectors).

(Note – forwarding to our intensive collection division is of course your option)

Drastically reduce your in-house costs and enable your staff to concentrate on the earlier aged receivables, correcting problems/disputes, new invoicing, etc., thereby ultimately reducing the number of accounts that would typically go into the 90 day category that probably never should have. In other words, they ended up there due to a dispute/problem or billing error that no one had time to look into, etc.

Included is a monthly, detailed Status Report to track your account data.

Professional recovery services designed to increase profits,

and that’s the bottom line!

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