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Commercial Debt Collection in Florida

Monday, August 13th, 2018 | The Cash Flow Group | No Comments

Commercial debt collection in Florida

The Cash Flow Group a commercial debt collection in Florida is the premier debt collection provider in the area. We begin debt collection with verifying the contact information provided by our clients and gathering additional information on the business to be used by the debt collector. We email, fax and mail a short demand letter to the debtor typically within one business day of receiving a claim. However, the primary communication method in our debt collection process is the telephone augmented by e-mail as appropriate.

When we can get the debtor on the phone, we can find out through a series of questions what the real reason is for unpaid bills. Determining the real reason can have a dramatic impact on the approach the debt collector will use.  Just simply demanding the money typically does not work.  Instead, we often need to get a solid understanding of the debtor’s business, current business prospects, working capital position, secured debts, personal guarantees, etc.. Once we have this information and we understand why they aren’t paying, we can come up with a strategy to get as much money as possible as quickly as possible.

Commercial Debt Collection in Florida

What does the Cash Flow Group in Miami do next?

During the debt collection process, we may make dozens of phone calls. With caller ID, computerized telephone attendants, voicemail systems and live call screeners, it often is extremely challenging to get a debtor on the phone. However, we at The Cash Flow Group in Miami are persistent and relentless. There are situations where we will call several times a day, from early morning to mid-evening, trying to get a live person. We do not use computerized predictive dialers.  We do not leave a message every time we call. Instead, the debt collector uses their experience, their intuition, and the specific debt collection history on the account to decide when to call, how often to call, and where to call. We are allowed to call people on their cell phones and at their homes. We may have to do research to get these phone numbers, which may entail calling relatives, neighbors, and neighboring businesses. We are discrete whatever talking to someone outside of the business but at the same time the debtor usually gets the message that we are in hot pursuit. This alone makes debts owed to clients of The Cash Flow Group in Miami moved to the top of the list for debtors.


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