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Monday, July 16th, 2018 | The Cash Flow Group | No Comments

rcommercial debt collection

Commercial debt collection has one mission…

All we read is how horrible collectors are in the commercial debt collection industry. A simple google search will result in little to no results discussing the woes of debt collection on the collectors end.  In fact, it all results in the opposite: how harsh the process is for the debtor.  In reality, the commercial debt collection‘s industry is highly regulated, but the debtor’s response is absolutely unfiltered. If people had any idea of the amount of foul language, threats, and other abuse received by debtors, they would be shocked. (…or would they?)  Many individuals are too proud and want to act like their problems are the collectors fault.  Once again, in reality, the debt was brought on solely by the debtor for a myriad of reasons. Simply put, this is not the problem of the collector; the collector has one mission.

Commercial debt collection is regulated…

The job of the debt collector is to make contact, and attempt collection. With this being the sole aim of the collector it is relentless and persistent. As long as calls or attempts to make contact are ignored, they persist.  If debtors would like them to stop, the one and only way to stop them is to make a plan to pay what they owe. Furthermore, collectors are a daring bunch many physically go to dissolute areas in attempt to collect a debt. They travel armed with paperwork. A commercial debt collection agency will never threaten anyone existence, but their lives are often threatened. For phone collections, collectors are giver the run-around. This leads to more embarrassment to the debtor as the collector moves down the contact list attempting to find someone who isn’t missing.

Commercial Debt collection is an industry of workers.

The cycle of embarrassment, annoyance, and frustration is solely brought on by the debtor.  The debtor creates a situation that they then respond to with threats and verbal abuse. Commercial debt collections agents literally work with what they are given. No one deserves to be the recipient of threats and abuse just because they are doing their job. Debt collectors aren’t horrible; they are working.





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